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Become an Agent at GIBL.IN

GIBL.IN is the premiere non-life online insurance marketplace in India. It is both personally and financially rewarding to work with the leader like GIBL.IN. While working with us your efforts will definitely pay off as we boast more than 150,000 registered users and over 3000 insurance products offered by 29 leading insurers in India. We at GIBL.IN value your relation with us and consider you as a crucial part of our business, .Let's check out all the advantages to work with GIBL.IN.

Why should you become an insurance professional?

• You will be the sole decision maker of your business moves
• You will decide how much you will earn
• You can make the most of your network and selling skills
• You can continue to earn without making mush effort through renewals year after year

Minimum qualification to become general insurance professional

A pass in 10th standard or equivalent examination from recognized board or institution if the applicant resides in any other place.

Why should you be a general insurance professional? • Currently,General Insurance industry is worth Rs.32,000 crore,
• General Insurance industry is experiencing around 20% growth per year
• You will work in fast-growing General Insurance Industry and tap into its huge untapped potential especially in semi-urban areas and non-metro cities
• You can leverage increasing awareness among people about various General Insurance products
• General insurance providers in India are now allowed to fix premiums and offer discounts; you can provide consumers with insurance quotes from GIBL.IN and convince them to avail insurance products

Why should you work with GIBL?

• More than 3000 policies are available at GIBL offered by over 29 insurance companies for both individuals and business organizations
• Only insurance intermediary to provide online booking of commercial vehicle insurance online In India
• Only insurance intermediary to offer free roadside assistance in India
• More than 150,000 users are registered with GIBL portal
• Most competitive rates of all insurance products in India

Insurance for Individuals available at GIBL.IN

• Motor - Private car, Two wheeler, Commercial Vehicle
• Health – Individual, Family Floater, Critical Illness, Senior Citizen, Extended Family Health Policy, Group Mediclaim Policy
• Travel – Corporate, Individual, Family, Senior Citizen and Student
• Home – Dwelling Only, Dwelling & Contents
• Personal Accident
• Group Insurance
• Gadget Insurance

Insurance for Businesses available at GIBL.IN

• Fire Insurance
• Liability Insurance
• Marine(Cargo) Insurance
• Miscellaneous Insurance
• Engineering Insurance
• Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
• IT Office Liability Insurance
• Errors & Omissions Insurance
• Credit Insurance
• Burglary Insurance
• Earthquake Insurance
• Product Liability Insurance
• Money Insurance
• Combined Package Insurance
• Group Personal Accident
• Group Mediclaim Insurance
• Industrial All Risks Insurance
• Fire Loss of Profit Insurance

Motor Insurance Proposition at GIBL.IN

• Only company to provide online booking of commercial vehicle insurance in India
• Only company to provide free roadside assistance in India
• Most competitive rates in India
• Get quote on your mobile instantly when you meet your client

Health Insurance Proposition at GIBL.IN

• Almost 100% renewals in health
• Only company knows renewal date - no competition
• Premiums remain constant or increase
• Get quote on your mobile when meeting your client instantly

Business Benefits on offer at GIBL

• Only company to provide online booking of commercial vehicle insurance in India
• Only company to provide free roadside assistance in India
• Branch List of 24 insurance companies in India
• Cashless hospital list in the network of 23 insurance companies in India
• Cashless Hospital List in the network of 6 insurance companies in India
• Availability of online and offline policies from all insurance companies including the PSU’s in India
• Lowest Premium In India
• Online Insurance Feature Comparison
• Free Insurance Consultation
• 24 x 7 availability of instant quotes on mobile or on GIBL website
• 24 x 7 Instant Policy Issue
• 24 x 7 online policy renewal
• 24 x 7 Access to Policy
• 24 x 7 Online Support
• 24 x 7 online tracking of claim status
• Claims Settlement Assistance
• Free Policy Renewal Reminder Service
• Online Insurance Glossary

How to make application to become an insurance professional?

You need to complete and submit the application form o our office along with your birth proof and proof of your qualification. Our representatives will contact you shortly.

Benefits of becoming an insurance professional

• Your scope of earning will be unlimited
• Your Business Book will continue to grow with each passing year
• You will choose your work timings
• You will get great renewal business support to grow your business even further

How will GIBL.IN support you build a career?

We will provide you with training on regular basis to enhance your product knowledge and selling skills so that you can become a successful insurance professional.