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Most Popular Policies of IFFCO Tokio

  • IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plan
    This car insurance plan offers comprehensive protection to the vehicles from accidental damage.
    Key features of Car Insurance policy
    • On road protection coverage is available
    • Availability of Tokio’s value auto coverage
    • Free inspection available at doorstep
    • 12 additional benefit available
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  • IFFCO Tokio Swasthya Kavach Family Health Plan
    This family health cover offers protection against treatment expenses of family members.
    Key features of Swasthya Kavach Family Health Plan
    • Claims are settled by in-house team
    • Co-pay not applicable and full claim is paid without deduction
    • Special discount for those who avail either IFFCO Tokio group policy or IFFCO Tokio Motor Two Wheeler policy
    • Coverage of 10 critical illnesses available in critical illness extension cover
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  • IFFCO Tokio Critical Illness Policy
    The policy offers lump sum benefit in if policyholders are diagnosed with any of the pre-specified critical ailments.
    Key features of Critical Illness Policy
    • Coverage available for 6 critical illnesses
    • Coverage available for more than 1 policyholder and his legal heirs
    • Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses on diagnosis of critical illnesses
    • Coverage available for cerebral stroke, cancer, renal failure and organ transplant expenses
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  • IFFCO Tokio Individual Medishield Policy
    This individual health insurance policy covers hospitalization expenses of policyholders.
    Key features of Individual Medishield Policy
    • Availability of optional Critical Illness Extension cover
    • Coverage available for Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments
    • co-pay not applicable
    • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses are covered
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IFFCO Tokio Home Suvidha Policy

Living with family is that flair of God that every person desires for in life. Now, as living is important similar under the roof where we a re living together is also equally important and protecting that roof means your home is done by getting beneficial insurance policy. The protecting of house is considered as a smart move in this global scarcity of proper accommodation. Now, getting the desired accommodation as well as completely protecting it is done by initiating remarkable insurance policy such as, IFFCO Tokio Home Suvidha Policy. The policy provides you with complete protection against wide category of risk and harm that is caused to your home by various hazardous activities in life.

This various categories of hazards and the coverage of policy are divided in to 7 sections that are described below in details

Section -1 Fire and Allied Perils

  • This section provides benefit for furniture items, jewellery and other valuable losses occurring due to fire and perils
  • Benefits also provided for clothing’s, air conditioners, refrigerator, washing machine, audio appliances, household items and other electrical as well as mechanical goods of house
  • Damages included are due to reason of fire, explosion, aircraft harm, space device, riot, strike, natural calamity, missile testing activity and terrorism

Section -2 Burglary, Housebreaking and other hazards

  • This section provides benefits for the losses due to theft, robbery, violent activity, damaging action of civic authorities and falling of trees, telegraph, poles, and lamppost
  • The reimbursement for breakage of television, radio aerials, external satellites, aerial fittings and posts is included in policy

Section -3 Television or Video Equipment

  • Payment for the loss of television, accessories, video appliances, fittings, is included in policy
  • These losses are recovered if the equipment’s are not more than 7 years old
  • Terrorist activity damage is included in policy

Section -4 Personal Accident

  • Any personal injury or accident that occurs to insured person and family is included under policy benefits criteria
  • Terrorism is included in activity of damage
  • If death or Permanent disability occurs within 12 months of accident then the reimbursement is according to terms and conditions mentioned in table of benefits in policy details
  • The 100% of SI payment is provided in case of death

Section -5 Building Fire and Allied Perils

  • The policy also includes benefits for conditions like fire and other harm to building of house
  • These benefits are similar to benefits mentioned in Section -1 of policy

Section -6 Personal Computer Device

  • Policy provide repair and replacement benefits for damage caused to your personal computer device
  • The policy is applied only when documentary proof is available for successful performance test conducted during the installation of device


  • War risk and damages caused during that incidence
  • Any harm caused by confiscation, custody or obliteration by government order
  • Any impact of nuclear hazard
  • The damage caused due to wear and tear is excluded from policy benefits
  • Any consequential loss including the depreciation of market value of property
  • Any damage occurring before the commencement of policy
  • The cost of any undamaged part that isn’t required to be replaced or repaired in equipment