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Most Popular Policies of IFFCO Tokio

  • IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plan
    This car insurance plan offers comprehensive protection to the vehicles from accidental damage.
    Key features of Car Insurance policy
    • On road protection coverage is available
    • Availability of Tokio’s value auto coverage
    • Free inspection available at doorstep
    • 12 additional benefit available
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  • IFFCO Tokio Swasthya Kavach Family Health Plan
    This family health cover offers protection against treatment expenses of family members.
    Key features of Swasthya Kavach Family Health Plan
    • Claims are settled by in-house team
    • Co-pay not applicable and full claim is paid without deduction
    • Special discount for those who avail either IFFCO Tokio group policy or IFFCO Tokio Motor Two Wheeler policy
    • Coverage of 10 critical illnesses available in critical illness extension cover
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  • IFFCO Tokio Critical Illness Policy
    The policy offers lump sum benefit in if policyholders are diagnosed with any of the pre-specified critical ailments.
    Key features of Critical Illness Policy
    • Coverage available for 6 critical illnesses
    • Coverage available for more than 1 policyholder and his legal heirs
    • Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses on diagnosis of critical illnesses
    • Coverage available for cerebral stroke, cancer, renal failure and organ transplant expenses
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  • IFFCO Tokio Individual Medishield Policy
    This individual health insurance policy covers hospitalization expenses of policyholders.
    Key features of Individual Medishield Policy
    • Availability of optional Critical Illness Extension cover
    • Coverage available for Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments
    • co-pay not applicable
    • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses are covered
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IFFCO Tokio Home Family Protector Policy

We try to protect our family for every kind of distress, harm, risk or challenges of life in all possible way, then why not getting them insured in all possible way. The company IFFCO Tokio provides one insurance policy named as IFFCO Tokio Home Family Protector Policy that works as a complete protector for your family and your home as well that works as a means of survival for you and your family.

The policy is divided within 11 sections and each section has its own coverage criteria.

Section -1 Fire and Allied Risk

  • This policy provides coverage for the loss of equipment’s due to harm caused by fire to insured person property.
  • Harm caused to building due to fire, explosion, aircraft, space device, riot, strike, natural calamity, vehicle accident, bursting of water tank or any other factor.
  • This equipment’s includes furniture, clothing’s, interior work, crockery, electronics equipment’s, electrical fittings, mechanical fittings and other valuable objects. These stuff are payable up to 10% of Sum insured of policy.
  • The other valuable commodities are described below in table with their amount payable by policy.




Covered under Section-3

Personal effects of your domestic employee living in your home

Rs. 5000/-

Business equipment’s

Rs. 25,000/-


Rs. 10,000/-

Loss of guest staying at home

Rs. 10,000/-

Any important documents

Rs. 10,000/-

Section -2 Burglary or theft and house breaking including larceny and other perils

  • Policy provides benefit for theft robbery or loss due to attempt to theft occurring to house
  • Damage by falling trees, telephone poles or any other part of artificial work
  • Damage to property resulting due to action of civic authorities in case of controlling spread of fire
  • The payment of Rs. 10,000/- provided for damage occurring due to underground pipes, cables and drainage
  • Compensation is provided for the replacement of locking system of home

Section -3 All Risks

  • This section involves payment for any kind of damage occurring to your property due to accident or misfortune within India.
  • This includes coverage for jewellery, photographic equipment’s, video cameras, musical instruments, sporting equipment’s, watches, clocks and other valuable instruments that are damaged in accident

Section – 4 Fixed glass and Sanitary Fittings

  • The particular section covers the reimbursement for repair and replacement of damaged items in accidental breakage of glass and sanitary fitting of house
  • Damage to frame and frame work od glass, breakage of glass, lettering, tinting, painting, embossing, silvering or any other work required for replacement of damage is payable under policy

Section -5 Electronic Equipment Insurance

  • Policy will pay for damage or replacement cost for various electronics like computer, fax machine, tape or data carrying material
  • This condition is applicable for those equipment’s that have a successful completion of their performance test after purchase

Section -6 Home Entertainment Equipment

  • The policy will pay you for the loss occurring to equipment’s like television, cable/satellite/digital signal receiver and video apparatus’s
  • Payment for accessories is also included in policy
  • Policy will also pay for portable mobile, electronic dairy and computer devices that are used under norms of this section

Section – 7 Breakdowns of Domestic Appliances

  • The domestic appliance here covers the electric as well as mechanical appliances that are generally used in home
  • The policy will pay for cost of installation, disentailing, repair and replacement

Section – 8 Personal Accidents

  • The policy will pay you reimbursements for harm caused due to personal accidents and even death of insured person
  • The payable limits for health damage are described under terms & conditions of policy as table of benefits
  • 100% reimbursement for death is included in policy

Section -9 Loan Payment Protection

  • The policy will provide benefit of total 12 monthly instalments for loan payment in case of Total disability or injury or serious illness occurring to the insured person

Section – 10 Baggage

  • If there is any damage to your luggage occurring due to accident or misfortune then policy will provide benefit of market value at the time of damage happening itself
  • The insured person as well as any family member is included to get policy benefit under this section

Section – 11 Public Liability and workmen compensation

Policy includes payment to the liabilities that insured person or family member have to make to third party for various reasons described below :-

  1. a. Accidental death or injury of third party
  2. b. Property damage
  3. c. Legal costs
  4. d. You and your family’s activities as private individuals
  5. e. Livelihood or possession of your home